5 Reasons Speed Dating Works for Matchmakers

By: Jake Thursday September 12, 2019 comments Tags: matchmakers, matchmaking

If you are a matchmaker looking to build up your database, this is the blog post for you!

In today's competitive market, matchmakers must remain innovative in order to keep up with emerging trends and technologies. Engaging clients can be difficult when they believe their next potential love interest is only a swipe away on an app.

Speed dating provides the best of both worlds to your clients: not only do they get to meet a variety of people, they get to do so quickly. Better yet, it happens offline, in the real world. In no particular order, here are some reasons you should consider adding speed dating to your matchmaking toolbox.

Two people chatting thanks to your matchmaking skills!

1. Build your database with new clients

Every matchmaker knows their database is their lifeblood. Get some fresh faces into your database by hosting speed dating events! Partner with a brewery or winery to host your event, and your joint marketing efforts will surely introduce new people into your system.

2. Host better events by engaging your existing clients

As a matchmaker, you are in the best position to make a speed dating event a success. Not only can you build your database with new leads, you can augment your event with existing clients to help bring the event as close to a 50/50 gender ratio as possible.

3. Provide exceptional value to new clients, quickly

Use speed dating events as a tool to prove to new clients that they can meet singles! This is especially useful for those who are recently re-entering the dating scene, and might be apprehensive about what lies ahead.

4. Help your more introverted clients get out there

As we all know, stereotypical introverts hate the idea of walking up to someone and introducing themselves. Give the introverts in your database a chance to meet other singles in a structured, safe environment, with limited fear of rejection.

5. Observe your clients and offer feedback

Do you have a problematic client who just can’t seem to hit it off with anyone? Invite them to your next speed dating event and keep an eye on them. You might be able to give them the advice they need to make a match!

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