Back to School! 7 Ways to Help Students Meet

Sunday August 12, 2018 comments

For many people, it’s simply “back to school.” But for millions of students nationwide, it’s more like “welcome to school!” Incoming freshmen, from all ages and backgrounds, are on a quest to attain a higher education. But along the way, they’ll need to make a few friends to help them make the most of their college experience. Here are some of our ideas for helping your freshest faces get acquainted.

  1. Amusement Park Outing
    Whether it’s simple mini-golf, or a full-blown Six Flags experience, an amusement park outing is a fun way to tap into everyone’s adventurous side.

  2. Etiquette Dinner
    Everyone experiences a formal dinner at some point in their lives. Weddings, family reunions, professional dinners, you name it. Host an etiquette dinner to teach students their best table manners for a professional setting.

  3. A regular ol’ mixer
    Most incoming freshmen are not of legal drinking age, but a mixer can help break the ice and ease the nervousness associated with meeting new people. If everyone is there to meet people, then there’s nothing to be shy about!

  4. A formal speed friending event
    ZippyMatch can be used in any of the above scenarios, or can be used for a formal speed friending event. Set up exactly like speed dating, only all participants will meet, and can choose whether or not they’d like to have their contact information exchanged in a no-pressure way.

  5. Pick-up games
    Basketball, volleyball, badminton, you name it - someone will play it. While you won’t reach everyone with sports, they’re still a fun way to get active and meet others that enjoy staying active.

  6. Hiking
    Is your college close to the mountains? Beat the summer heat and go for a hike! Nature lovers will enjoy this activity, and will make great natural friends.

  7. Rock climbing
    The great thing about rock climbing is it forces people to interact. One climber, one belayer. It might be a great way to reach introverts because of this. Not to mention the quick trust gained between people as they belay each other.

Remember, the great part of all these ideas is that everyone can use ZippyMatch to say “yes” or “no,” removing the awkwardness of rejecting someone, or giving nervous people an opportunity to safely say “yes” to each other. Decide to use any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments!