COVID-19 and Speed Dating

Tuesday June 23, 2020 comments

I'm sure you didn't notice, but we took a pretty long break from blogging due to the pandemic. There's a lot going on in the world right now, though, and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Pandemic speed dating

COVID-19 essentially stopped our business in its tracks. Nobody wants to meet random strangers for dates during a pandemic! And frankly, they shouldn't. We're still learning about the permanent, lifelong effects of catching and recovering from COVID-19. Thankfully, none of our clients have even attempted to host events during the lockdown. Kudos!

We've been giving a lot of thought on what comes next. At first, we actually thought we'd try building "video chat speed dating." Bumble beat us to the punch, which makes sense, they are a massive company compared to us! We also contemplated our role in enabling people to meet with others during the pandemic. We decided we didn't want to play that role, and instead thought it best if we just decided to take a back seat for a beat.

Recently, Paige and I were sitting in the path of the smoke of a campfire. When others asked if we wanted to move, we declined, and in unison simply said, "We're stubborn." We take the same approach with our business. Speed dating is still a fantastic way to meet genuine people in an overly connected, digitized world, and we're sure it will bounce back.

Black Lives Matter

Paige and I have been educating ourselves each day on the issues of systemic racism in this country, and the world. We have personally donated to multiple social justice organizations, as well as to the estate of George Floyd. We stand in solidarity with the Black community.

Pride Flag

Pride Month

If these were non-pandemic times, we probably would have tried to interview an LGBTQ expert on their tips for dating! But... here we are.

Fun fact: ZippyMatch was built from the ground up to support the LGBTQ community! Our events can have as many genders as needed to cater to an audience, or an event can simply have one gender (usually called "Human"), or no genders at all! We're proud to support our LGBTQ friends, family, and community, both in our hearts, and with our product.

Hopefully we will be back soon!