Speed Friending Fundraisers: Raising Money for Causes

By: Jake Saturday November 10, 2018 comments Tags: tips

Nonprofits face all kinds of challenges.  One of the most notable across all industries: fundraising.  Every nonprofit needs money to fulfill their mission, no matter their size.  Fundraising events of many varieties are common, and today we’d like to tell you why “speed friending” events are the perfect fundraising event!

Speed friending takes the same format and approach as traditional speed dating, but all participants are made aware from the beginning that all relationships are strictly platonic.  This means that all attendees, regardless of age, gender, orientation, or relationship status, can partake in the fun. The best part, we believe, is that your attendees will greatly enjoy meeting others who support your mission.  Of course, speed dating is an option if your non-profit feels it aligns with your mission.

While you could use volunteer power to tally up who says “yes” to who and send out results, there are always risks of errors when using volunteer manpower, and the unfortunate possibility of answer manipulation.  By using an app like ZippyMatch, results are guaranteed to be accurate based on user input. Not to mention the fact that ZippyMatch is also offering a non-profit discount to nonprofits of all sizes!

  • Under $250,000/year revenue - absolutely free to use!
  • $250,000-$1,000,000/year revenue - 50% discount
  • $1,000,000/year+ revenue - 25% discount

If your nonprofit is interested in hosting a speed friending event at your next fundraising event, please contact us to set up your account and discount!


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