How Does Speed Dating Work?

By: Paige Thursday February 7, 2019 comments

If you're considering attending a speed dating event, but don't really know what to expect, look no further!

But first...

Why should I go to a speed dating event?

Speed dating is a fantastic alternative to online dating sites like Tinder and Bumble. Whether people like to admit it or not, most people don't look much beyond the initial profile picture. There are so many people on these sites, it can be overwhelming! Unlike these sites, speed dating takes more of a "quality over quantity" approach. You'll meet fewer people, but they are invested in finding companionship. You'll also get to know people significantly better than you would on a dating site. Not only do you get to see them in person, but you get a much more realistic "feeling" on who they are, and what they are all about.

The upside to speed dating is the discretion. Like Tinder, if you are not interested, you can simply say "no," and the other party doesn't have to know about. Rejecting people is a thing you shouldn't have to worry about at a speed dating event.

Ok, I'm sold. Now what?

The first step is to find an event! Not everyone uses ZippyMatch yet, so we suggest casting a wide net in searching for your speed dating events. The two best ways are:

  1. Google - simply search for "speed dating" and your city. If you live in Denver, search for "speed dating denver."
  2. Facebook - lots of event organizers are using Facebook to promote their events. Simply search for "speed dating," and you'll probably find some events nearby!

You can also check out your local bars and pubs. They are often speed dating hot spots, and might be promoting events on their menus or in-store.

How do the events actually work?

It's very simple. Usually, one gender sits, while the other rotates around. Here is a fun diagram to help explain:

Everyone will take a seat for their first date. The timer starts, and your date begins! Most mini-dates usually last about 3-5 minutes. Once your time is up, your host or emcee will ring the bell, and it's time to move on to the next one!

This process repeats until you have talked to everybody. Sometimes, if there are more men or women than the other, you might have to sit out a few turns.

How do I get my matches?

Most events have a rule that you do not exchange contact information at the table. This helps keep the awkwardness to a minimum, you aren't rejecting or accepting anyone to their face. Events that use ZippyMatch will have an app that allow you to mark "yes" and "no" to all the people you meet. Some organizers don't use ZippyMatch yet, and they may have other means of doing this - a piece of paper you caryr around, or something else.

Usually, some time after the event is over, you'll receive a list of the people you matched with, along with their contact information. With ZippyMatch, you would receive this information 24 hours after the event is over (or possibly sooner, if your organizer has arranged this).

How much do speed dating events cost?

Some events are free, others are paid. Paid events usually attract more serious daters, and usually include a drink ticket and maybe appetizers. Free events are usually held by bars and pubs, so buy a drink or two to show your support!

Have fun!

The name of the game with speed dating is fun! By removing the awkwardness of rejection and acceptance, you can feel free to relax, and be more genuine. We hope you enjoy yourself!

What is ZippyMatch?

ZippyMatch is a speed dating event tool. We handle all the logistics of your event, including registrations, payments, check-ins, and, most importantly, the distribution of results after the event is over. Businesses and event planners that use ZippyMatch save dozens of man-hours by using our software. Learn more about what we do by checking out the 5 Steps to Hosting a Speed Dating Event.


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