How much should I charge for my speed dating event?

By: Jake Sunday January 20, 2019 comments

As with many things in the complicated world of dating, the answer is - it depends! But mostly, it depends on your objectives. Are you promoting your restaurant or brewery? Are you a professional matchmaker, or is speed dating a part of your business? We have suggested pricing based on your answers to these questions.

Regular Speed Dating

Speed dating, right now, is still a very niche way to date. Of course, we hope that as our app becomes more popular, people will see it as a great way to meet people quickly (and in real life), and businesses will see it as a great way to earn some extra cash. But until then, we recommend that most speed dating events carry the small price tag of free.

But ZippyMatch costs money, how will I make any money?

The same way you would if they were regular customers - by feeding them and selling them drinks. Speed dating is conducive to alcohol sales, which is already a higher-margin product than food. Plus, ZippyMatch helps you save time and money in other ways: you don't have to calculate matches, distribute results, and we streamline the check-in and ticket sales process.

Even if you decide not to use ZippyMatch, you need to think about your time and energy you'll spend on these activities. So, if you must charge something for the extra overhead of hosting a speed dating event, consider making it a small amount: $5 or $10.

I've seen speed dating events charge anywhere from $25-40 before.

We only recommend charging more than $25 for specialized events, which we will cover in our next section. If you charge anywhere between $15 and $30, we strongly recommend you include at least 1 welcome drink as part of your offering.

Specialized Speed Dating

This is where we think speed dating really shines. There are all kinds of specialty speed dating event ideas out there...

  • Vegan speed dating
  • LGBTQ+ speed dating
  • Stargazing speed dating
  • DnD speed dating
  • Trivia speed dating

Whatever your idea is, people love speed dating events that help them connect with people that already have a common interest. It's part of why we built ZippyMatch to be so flexible with gender names and grouping abilities.

How we can help

Our event experts can help you determine the right price for your event.  Not only this, but our app delivers an exceptional experience to your guests - no paper and pen to carry around through the evening, minimal waiting for results, and guaranteed accuracy.  Contact us today to discuss your needs, and we'll give you your first event free!

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