New Year, New Features!

Sunday January 26, 2020 comments

It's hard to believe we are almost a month into 2020! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we wanted to make sure everyone was aware of some new features we've been working on.

Table Numbers!

Probably the most exciting new feature is, what we are tentatively calling, "Table Numbers!" It's a huge leap forward for ZippyMatch, especially for those who host complicated events (LGBTQ+ or large events). Give ZippyMatch a number of tables available at your venue, and we will automatically calculate where people should sit, and when, all while factoring in their gender and group preferences. Table Numbers will be included in our "professional" package.

Screenshot of the table numbers feature

If you'd like a demo of Table Numbers, please contact us using the form below.

Eventbrite Integration

It's finally here! By popular demand, we have launched our basic integration with Eventbrite. Create your event on ZippyMatch first, and you can "export it" to Eventbrite! You'll get the powerful marketing and automation tools of Eventbrite, and the discreet app-based matching technology of ZippyMatch in one package. Eventbrite integration, as was always planned, is part of our "professional" package.

Later this year, we hope to launch an "embedded" Eventbrite extension, allowing you to manage your ZippyMatch events without ever leaving Eventbrite.

Sub-account Access

If you are a large speed dating or matchmaking company, you'll want this. Using sub-accounts, you can give each of your employees or contractors running speed dating events their own unique login. You can then grant event access on a per-user basis, giving event hosts access to only the events and data they need to get their job done. Sub-accounts are completely free for all events!

Again, if you'd like a quick demo of how these work, please get in touch.

Coming Soon: Smoother Logins for Imported Guests

Many customers come to us late in the game. They realize they have a successful speed dating event on their hands, and then realize they do not have the capacity to handle the matchmaking by hand. Or, they just figure there are better ways to spend their time! Whatever the case, many of our event organizers "import" their guests from other services. Until now, these imported guests would have a username and password created for them, which they would use to log in to the app. In the real world, we've found that many users are confused by this process. Beginning in February, guests will now have the ability to "one tap login," meaning there are only two steps to get logged in to their ZippyMatch account!

Here is a screenshot of the new e-mail:

Sample e-mail for imported guests

We believe this will significantly improve the login experience for these guests.

Later this Year: Real Speed Networking Events!

Right now, setting up a "speed networking" event will simply create something similar to a speed friending event. It's always been our goal to create a completely different app experience for professional networking events. One a bit more formal, more professional in tone, and certainly removes all links to the "dating" world. We hope to have a completely separate speed networking app up and running later in the year! Stay tuned!

Anything sound interesting?

Get in touch with us if you need a demo of any of these new features!

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